Kristi has greatly helped me twice over a six year period.  First, completely redoing my large master bedroom and bathroom.  Secondly, when I added a new bedroom on to the existing house which includes a well-designed shower, walk in closet and stone wall above the bathroom sink.  Of course I will use Kristi and her gifted know how again in the future.  Incidentally the contractor thought Kristi was great. - Ed

I have known Kristi for several years now as a design consultant.   I was involved with the design of my brother’s home years back and had nothing but positive things to say about her.  I recently used her for my own home and once again have great things to say about her and her company.  She loves a challenge and continues to think above her clients expectations.  She is very budget conscious and has no problem quoting out several projects at a time to allow the customer to choose what best fits their needs at the time.  I have recently sold my home and am looking forward to her insight on my new purchase.- Natalie

Kristi, was such a pleasure to work with...and a life saver, for sure! My husband and I built our own home and had no idea what we were getting ourselves into! We were blessed to find Kristi about halfway though the process, and building our own home turned from a nightmare into a dream! She was so helpful and knowledgeable and truly talented in the field of design.  We told her what we wanted and she made it happen.  She was so easy to work with and made a grueling task so much fun!  We absolutely love the way our home turned out! It is exactly what we wanted and a true dream home. XOXO, Rachelle

 Kristi Smith helped us choose an amazing Provenza flooring that we would never have thought of or found on our own. It was completely different from what we had in mind, but it works beautifully in our home. When it was time to install, we expressed concern about moisture problems we had had over the years with our concrete slab. Andy, who heads the flooring team, came out and did a moisture test. After finding high levels in several areas. He and Kristi developed a plan for the installation based on the moisture issue and the need to level the surface in the kitchen area. We had the kitchen/family room area done first and the living/dining/hall two months later. During those two months we discovered that our new refrigerator was not sitting properly and were told that the floor was not level. Andy immediately came out to look at it and agreed that it needed to be re-leveled and the floor re-installed in that area. A different team of installers came out for the second phase; at the same time, they took up and redid the leveling and flooring under and around the refrigerator. It's perfect now. Kristi also supplied two extra boxes of flooring for the redo. We appreciated that she and Andy were quick to deal with this problem in a professional manner.

 The flooring looks beautiful, and we are very pleased with it.

It was enjoyable to work with Kristi; she has a wonderful eye for design and what is right for a given situation. Andy was a pleasure to work with; he listens and is easy-going but also very professional. The installers were all friendly and hard-working. They cleaned the new flooring completely and left the house, garage, and driveway area where they were working immaculate. - Jane

 It was pleasure working with Kristi on the few projects we did which included cabinetry in the pantry area and a show case, designing and laying out the tile work in the bedroom, and a Backsplash for Kitchen. She was really creative while designing the pantry area and gave us multiple options with her honest opinion as to what will look good even when we had liked something else. Her opinion and design mattered as now the Pantry area really looks great. The tile work in the Bedroom was challenging as it was adjoining our living room which was tiled and the Bedroom had a carpet. She helped us find the exact match as the living room and additionally also was able to match the tile design impeccably with the living room tile design.

Working on the backsplash was challenging as we had a granite counter top with natural shades and we wanted to fix the Backsplash with no changes to existing structure and changes to the existing design of the Kitchen. Once again Kristi came up with the backsplash designs which she laid on the tables and we were confused with what may look good and what may not. She helped us experiment the design before doing the final work and helped us work through the selection process. Once the design was finalized and put in place the Backsplash is now the center of attraction as soon as we enter the Kitchen and we are thankful for an awesome work Kristi has done for us with the backsplash. All the more she was patient with us while selecting the backsplash and never rushed us through the decision making process. - Rajesh

If I told you that putting in about 3000 square feet of wood flooring, remodeling a powder room, and completely redoing a staircase took three weeks, would you believe me? Of course you wouldn't. No one believes me when I tell them that FSI and Kristi Smith, did this for me. But it's true they did! So is efficiency what's most important when doing a remodel? Is it the quality of the work and of the material used? Or is it the design details that really matters? I guess it just depends on who you ask. BUT - All you have to do is walk through my front door to see the quality of my floor, stair case, and powder room are top of the line. You can see that the design detail that Kristi helped me with, made an old outdated house look polished, refined, and timeless, but no one can see all the efficient work that went into it. No one walks in and says, "WOW I bet all this took less than a month" or "your designer must have put together a spreadsheet so that every job was coordinated just right!" But it did and she did...and as a busy mother of 4, even months later, I'm still so thankful for that! (of course I can't minimize that I am now living in the house of my dreams and am thankful for that everyday too!) – Crystal

Love, love, love Kristi! Kristi is an amazing designer. She helped me with the design of my new home. She suggested options that helped me stay within my budget. I love her honesty. She advised me on areas where I can cut back and areas where I can splurge a little. In the end, she helped me create a gorgeous home.  I hired Kristi again to decorate my home. I don't have Kristi's talent. Her eye for color and texture is amazing. With accent pillows, pictures, rugs, and various beautiful accessories, she can transformer your boring living room/bedroom into a masterpiece! -Amanda

Kristi is wonderful to work with and does a beautiful job. She has a great eye for color and is good at staying within budget. We started working with Kristi five years ago and still call her if we have a project. - Denise

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