You Have Style and So Should Your Laundry Room!

One of the most overlooked spaces in most homes is also one of the spaces we spend a good amount of time in. Like it or not .. it's your Laundry Room. Make fluffing and folding more fun with these helpful tips and tricks to decorate this often-neglected space.

#1 Add Wallpaper - Small spaces are where you will get more bang for your buck. Updating even just one wall in your laundry room will give you lots of style - And since most laundry rooms are fairly isolated it gives you a chance to really go bold !

#2 Have fun with flooring - As with the wallpaper - flooring can be bold in a small space. Laundry rooms are a great area for statement tile .

#3 The Devil is in the Details - Adding details in the laundry room can be easy and have a great impact. One way to do that is adding a great back splash ! With so many back splash options you can really personalize the look of your laundry room.

#4 Continue the look and feel of your home - If your home is open and contemporary - continue the look into your laundry room. Making it flow is as easy as looking to your own home for inspiration.

#5 Add color to your appliances - It seems these days we are seeing lots of color options when it comes to appliances - and this is good news for spicing up your laundry room - adding a color appliance can add a pop of color and is a great starting off point to pull the room together.

Happy Laundry Day ! Let us know how you plan to make your laundry room special.

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credit : photos courtesy of Pinterest