Kate Spade Introduces Home Furnishings .. and They are Fabulous!

Kate Spade has been on the fashion scene for decades, but has recently added furnishings and home accessories to her empire. Her signature black+ white designs are now being applied to interiors , along with whimsy and pops of color. They are gorgeous ! Have a look ! These are from the fall 2015 collection and I for one am very excited to see what comes next ..

Color Crush : Apple Green

Recently , while browsing a copy of House Beautiful - I came across an article highlighting the color Apple Green. It immediately caught my eye. Apple Green is a fresh & happy green, and best of all can be paired with many colors to create new effects. It is also a very profound color in color psychology.

This is the color of balance and harmony. From a color psychology perspective, it is the great “balancer” of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart
— empoweryourselfwithcolorpsycology.com

Here are some stunning examples of Apple Green in interiors

Welcome 2016 !

Happy New Year! We are ready to say goodbye to 2015, a year filled with promise and change, and are looking forward to 2016, a year filled with hope and inspiration. In my quest to "design your life" I am hopeful that I can share some tips and information, sources and ideas, create a space that is beautiful and above all - purposeful. Whether you need to hire a designer, or are a DIY"er", I am excited to share what I know, learn more as we go, and continue the journey together.

New Years Resolution:  How about this year we make them for your house:

 #1. De clutter! Whether it's one small space, a drawer or a desk top, the dreaded closet clean out, or a whole room. Nothing feels better than starting with a clean slate, not to mention it's easier to dust! And...don't forget to donate what you can!

Goodbye Stuff .. Hello , beautiful space!  credit : Pinterest

Goodbye Stuff .. Hello , beautiful space!

credit : Pinterest

#2. Organize! Add baskets or bins, magazine holders and shelves and label, label, label. Save only those things that are worth saving well, by eliminating junk & organizing important items we free our space up for beautiful things to come!

Storage can be beautiful !  credit - Popsugar

Storage can be beautiful !

credit - Popsugar

#3. Maintenance! Every house needs a little maintenance, fix what needs fixing. If it's broken, fix it or get rid of it. Replace batteries, check smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and alarms. Check windows and doors for drafts, caulk or seal as needed. Check faucets and fixtures and make sure nothing is leaking, including outdoors. Clean out the fireplace, have the chimney swept, vacuum and dust AC vents and registers. Check the dryer vent, and check all plugs and outlets. A dead plug can be a fire hazard behind the wall, go to your local hardware supply and get a plug tester, or use a desk lamp that you know works, turn it on, and plug it in to every socket to check them. You can also hire a local handyman to take care of these items if needed, let us know if you need a recommendation.

A great handyman is worth his weight in gold!  credit - Pinterest

A great handyman is worth his weight in gold!

credit - Pinterest

What are your best De-cluttering techniques ? Do you have a fail proof storage method! Please share with us !