Making an Entrance!

Do you ever feel that something is missing from your home’s entry ? Maybe it’s hard to see the front door ? or your entry way is just plain lacking style ? …. here are some tips to help your home – Make an entrance !!

  1. Make the most of your front door – Your front door is one of the first impressions guests have of your home and sets the stage for what they may see next.  Make sure your front door is visible – add additional lighting on the sides of the door and above to give a full view at night. Add color to your door to make it stand out – That being said you can take the color more subtle or highly saturated – its up to you but a good rule of thumb is to make sure it fits into the color palette of your home. And last but not least – add details ! In the above picture you see two large planters that compliment the style of the home and add symmetry to the door.
  2. Think about the interior door – Painting the backside of your front door in a pop of color to compliment the entry way is an unexpected way to add style! The above picture shows just how much impact this can give to your entry way – Bonus – tying the color into an area rug really makes this work !
  3. Adding Texture – In an entry way texture can be introduced in many ways – above the textured grass wallpaper sets the mood for this home. You can also add texture with woven baskets – high pile area rugs and much more. Texture is a great way to make introduction to your home – especially for those who prefer a more monochromatic palette.
  4. Let there be light – Don’t skimp on your foyer lighting. Select a fixture that makes a statement and defines the area, as does this handsome lantern.

In closing , your entryway is the first introduction your guest have to your beautiful home ! Why not make the most of it ? Design Your Life!