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Illuminating Spaces
Unveiling the Layers of Interior Design Lighting

Interior design orchestrates a delicate balance between form and function, with lighting acting as the conductor of this symphony. Much like the harmonious blend of instruments in a well-composed piece of music, interior lighting design weaves together various layers to illuminate spaces with both practicality and beauty. This article delves into the three key layers […]

Details for the Ultimate Bath Experience

How can you be excited about designing a bathroom? I know it seems like it is a just bathroom, but let me tell you, there are some exciting and sexy bathroom options to consider! Beyond beautiful stone and tile, look past the custom vanity, disregard the plush bathrobes and pretty soaps that we put in […]

Product Spotlight – FibreGuard by Fabricut

One of the best parts of being in the interior design industry is that there are constant new innovations and intriguing products to utilize. We are so fortunate to learn about these great products thru design trade shows , product meetings with vendors and keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry. As part […]

Making an Entrance!

Do you ever feel that something is missing from your home’s entry ? Maybe it’s hard to see the front door ? or your entry way is just plain lacking style ? …. here are some tips to help your home – Make an entrance !! Make the most of your front door – Your […]